Benefits of Buying an Android Phone

Android is the most preferred operating system globally. Since their inception in 2008, they have powered some top-rated phones like the Samsung a series and Samsung s series. Here we will look at some benefits of using an Android phone which makes them the user's first choice.

  • Phone Choice

Users have a variety of choices when they buy Android phones, ranging from cheap Samsung phones to costly ones. And the best part is, even the low-cost phones excel in durability, general outlook, and performance.

  • Extra Storage and Removable Battery

With Android smartphones, users can easily expand their memory with expandable memory card slots. Besides that, android batteries are removable, preventing the user from replacing just the battery instead of the entire phone.

  • Download Apps From Anywhere

Androids are not only cheap mobiles, but users even have the option to download any app that is not found in the Play Store. That is, they can download applications from any web extensions without facing any hassle. In addition, users can download third-party apps by simply making a few changes to their phone settings.

  • Sim-free Phones

Most Android phones are sim-free phones like Sim free Samsung phones, which are widely available globally. Hence Android users do not have to sign expensive network connectivity contracts. Instead, they can choose the network provider they like the most and even change their network connectivity plans without waiting for months for the contract to lapse.

Wrapping Up

Apart from these benefits, Android also offers various advantages such as more widgets, multiple hardware innovations, infrared, custom keyboards, a straightforward user interface, and more. And you can easily enjoy all the benefits with 247 Mobile Shop with their updated collection of android phones. Shop with them to get the best deals on the latest Android phones with fast shipping across UK.