We all dream of owning and using top of the line devices like iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices, but budgetary constraints often offer a damper on that dream. But not anymore, as 247Mobileshop is here to address this very problem. Our extensive collection of top-notch refurbished and second-hand devices ensures there is something for everyone.

When it comes to iPhones, the Galaxy S’ and Notes, the initial purchase prices can be pretty high, and that is only increasing with each and every generational change, thereby pushing these excellent devices out of the reach of a vast portion of the demography. At 247Mobileshop, the entire team undertakes a collective effort to bring to you the best-renewed devices there are.

Once a used iPhone or Samsung Galaxy reaches our centres, we perform a comprehensive set of tests and checks on these devices to ensure that each and every component works in the manner that they are meant to, and the refurbishment process is carried out most completely there is. The devices are graded based on their physical condition as well so that buyers get a clear idea of what they are getting from us. Our teams check for the device’s battery health as well and replace the battery unit if it is found to be lacking, and not meeting our quality standards.

Once the checks are complete, we ship the device to you in a sturdy, clear box, and being a one-stop shop for all your premium flagship smartphone needs, we deliver each device with a compatible charging cable and charging brick, an environmentally-compatible cover, and a comprehensive warranty of 12-months, something that can be extended is you ever feel the need for such.

At 247Mobileshop, you’d be getting the best pre-owned flagship smartphones like the iPhone X family, iPhone 11’s, iPhone 12’s, Samsung Galaxy Notes, Samsung Galaxy S’, etc., and that too at a price that’s simply drool-worthy. Moreover, our replacement and return policy make the overall ownership experience a breeze, and our trained team of customer sales executives are some of the most efficient ones out there, and would gladly help you at each and every juncture if you ever happen to face any problem regarding your premium flagship smartphone. But there is something else that makes purchasing a refurbished premium smartphone from 247Mobileshop the right thing to do.

You see, we have pledged to work towards a goal of carbon neutrality, and we take that pledge pretty seriously. As a result, we have decided to plant 10 trees for every pre-owned smartphone that gets sold on our website. Manufacturing a new smartphone emits a large amount of carbon into the atmosphere, and that is just going to push the earth towards widespread devastation. By purchasing a second-hand smartphone, you wouldn’t just be helping reduce the total carbon output, but saving a perfectly good device from the landfill as well. The trees that would be planted on your behalf would help in the overall healing process of the world, so thank you in advance!

Browse through 247Mobileshop’s vast collection of premium refurbished smartphones, and get one that you love, today, while helping save the world in the process as well.


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