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Storage: 64
Color: Black
Size: Grade B


Our flagship refurbished phones look and feel like new, there's not a screen or body scratch in sight. All our phones have a minimum 80% battery.

  • 30 Days Return
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Next Day Delivery
  • Free Charger
  • Free Compostable Case

What's Included in Box

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Do you aspire to own and experience a premium flagship device, but are on a tight budget? Well, at 247Mobileshop, we got just the smartphone for you. A refurbished galaxy note 8 in UK would be a perfect option for someone who desires to experience a top-notch Samsung Galaxy Note device, without burning a hole in their pockets. Equipped with a suite of top-of-the-line hardware, a refurbished note 8 from 247Mobileshop would certainly be one of the best smartphone purchases that you ever make.

Buying a refurbished Galaxy Note 8 in uk is an amazing way of getting to relish all the advantages that a premium flagship offers, without having to get a brand new one.

That’s not all, at 247Mobileshop, we have taken a pledge to save the environment, and thus, we plant 10 trees against every device we sell on our website. So, by getting a refurbished note 8, you wouldn’t just be getting a supremely well-engineered device, you’d also play your part in saving the environment, so thank you in advance!

What is in the Box?

Every Samsung galaxy note 8 uk used that you purchase from our platform would be delivered in a clear, white box. Since ours is a one-stop destination for all your smartphone needs, every note 8 would be shipped with the following.

  • A stupendous buyback guarantee of 12 months.
  • Environment-friendly phone case.
  • Authentic and compatible charging cable.
  • A comprehensive 12-month warranty.
  • A promise of carbon neutrality and efforts towards saving the environment.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

  • Camera Resolution: 12MP wide
  • SIM card: Unlocked
  • Screen size (in) : 6.3-inch Dynamic Super
  • Storage : 64, GB
  • Model: Galaxy Note 8
  • Processor: Octa-core (2.35GHz Quad + 1.9GHz Quad), 64-bit
  • Weight: 195 g (6.88 oz)
  • Width: 2.94” (74.8 mm)
  • Height: 6.4" (162.5 mm)

    What do we test?

    Before a refurb Note 8 sale is executed, the phone is subjected to a series of comprehensive and stringent tests to ascertain its quality, and ensure that it meets our standards. There are about 70 tests that each refurbished note 8 is put through, something that tests for its functionality and reliability, some of which are:

    •  Bluetooth
    •  Wi-Fi
    •  GPS
    •  Microphone
    •  Speaker
    •  Vibration
    •  Flash Light
    •  Earpiece
    •  Screen Test
    •  Front Camera
    •  Back Camera
    •  Home Button
    •  Volume Buttons
    •  Power button
    •  Mute Key
    •  Accelerometer
    •  Proximity
    •  Light Sensor
    •  Gyroscope
    •  Finger Print
    •  Phone Casing
    •  Earphone Jack
    •  Charging port
    •  NFC test
    •  Face ID


    The world is heading towards certain devastation unless checked rapidly and strongly. Manufacturing a new smartphone emits a lot of carbon into the environment, and this has a detrimental effect on the climate. At 247Mobileshop, we make it a point to plant 10 trees against every note 8 sale that takes place on our platform. At 247Mobileshop, you wouldn’t just be getting a premium smartphone on a budget but also help save the environment.

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