Reasons That Make The iPhone XR And XS, Great Buys In The Refurbished Market

When it comes to premium flagship devices, nothing can come close to the appeal that an iPhone possesses, and that is pretty evident from the fan following and sales figures that the brand boasts all over the world. In the history of the smartphone, no other brand has been able to post a record that is quite like that of the Apple iPhone, and these devices are truly the zenith of technological development and prowess. 

As Apple rolls out each generation of the latest iPhones, they make sure that these exquisite devices feature the best innovations there are, and the users get to experience something that is truly class-leading. All these constant innovations mean that Apple as a company invests heavily in research and development, and that is something that no other brand does on a similar scale.

But there is a significant downside to all these rapid technological developments, and that is the constant rise in prices of the latest iPhones. These inflationary prices push the latest devices out of the reach of most of the buyers who aspire to own and experience an iPhone. Well, if you are someone who falls in that category, fret not since refurbished iPhones are here to save the day, and devices like an iPhone Xr renewed or a second hand iPhone Xs are truly great choices to fall within this segment. 

Here, we will be taking a look at the factors that make these devices the perfect buy for someone who aspires to own an iPhone but is on a budget. So, let’s start.

iPhone XR and XS supremacy

Launched in 2018, the iPhone XR was a part of the X series trilogy and took the world by storm when it entered the market. This device took a page out of the books of the iPhone 5C and became the only one in the series to come with several interesting colour options, something that was much loved by the younger fans of the brand. But beyond the colour schemes, several factors endeared the XR to everyone who used one. Let us take a look at these advantages and try to understand what makes an Iphone Xr renewed a smart buy. 

  • The device was priced quite comparatively when compared to other contemporary apple devices, and that is something that truly boosted its initial sales figure. Since these devices entered the market in large numbers, there is a wide collection to choose from in the used market as well, and the increased supply ensures that the prices of the Iphone Xr refurbished remains affordable and competitive. 
  • Although the XR was cheaper than the other contemporary iPhones, it sported performance figures that were just as impressive as the other devices, if not faster. This is a really good thing since this would ensure that you would be getting a device that is just as powerful as the other contemporaries without having to shell out a fortune. 
  • One of the best features that set the XR apart is its battery life, and that is something that proved to be one of the main why people bought this device in droves. If you are going to pick up an Iphone Xr renewed, you can expect to be able to enjoy a battery life that is simply unrivalled amongst its competition. 
  • This was one of the first devices from Apple to feature integrated inductive charging capabilities, and that is something that ensures its versatility. 
  • This was one of the first devices from Apple to feature double sim card support, a feature that wasn’t seen ever before on iPhones until then. This is something that resulted in a great deal of interest in these devices. Anyone buying them in the used market would certainly benefit greatly from this feature. 
  • Apple is known for rolling out timely updates regarding their software, and this is no different in the case of the XR as well, as the manufacturer has committed to rolling out regular updates for quite some time to come. This would ensure that anyone who buys these devices, wouldn’t have to face obsolescence any time soon. 

These were some of the primary reasons that make an Iphone Xr renewed a good choice. Now, let us take a look at the factors that make a second hand Iphone Xs a great choice as well. We would be stating the advantages that do not overlap with the XR for the sake of avoiding confusion. 


  • The device features a waterproof casing that is IP68 rated, thereby ensuring their versatile usage, and protecting them against water damage. 
  • The camera setup on this device is something that is truly next-level and is capable of shooting top-notch photos as well as videos. 
  • Storage is something that has been a sticky spot for iPhones, but not with these, since the XS features a maximum of 512 GB of internal storage, thereby making it one of the largest in the segment.

These are some of the advantages that a second hand iPhone Xs would bring to the table, and should certainly be considered by someone who is looking for an iPhone on a budget.

Final take:

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