Guide to buying a Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2022

There is a wide range of Samsung Phone Refurbished available in the market. Take a closer look at the Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9, and what you can expect from this model.

Is it really worth purchasing a Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9?

The refurbishment process of Samsung is meticulous and extensive, meaning that if you purchase a Galaxy S9 Refurbished, you receive a phone that functions and works perfectly. Released way back in March 2018, you can easily find a Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9 that suits your budget as well as your requirements. Moreover, compared to the later Samsung Galaxy models that were released in the market, like the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S20, you can get this model at only a fraction of the cost.

Is buying a Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9 still relevant in 2022?

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is still a very popular model and is easily available. You can purchase this phone that will suit your budget that has been restored to a high standard. Cost savings is the most important draw for those thinking of purchasing a Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9, as you can get a Samsung Phone Refurbished at quite pocket-friendly rates than a brand new handset.

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9 top specs:

Almost similar to its predecessor the Galaxy S8, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Refurbished comes in at 147.7mm. The depth and width are also similar to the Galaxy S8, the only difference is that S9 is a little heavier at 163 gm.

Width: 2.7 inches wide

Depth: 0.3 inches deep

Height: 5.8 inches

In diameter, the screen size comes in at 5.8 inches. This smartphone also features a fingerprint sensor on the rear. This helps in identifying anyone trying to access the phone by scanning the fingerprint. The volume buttons and the Bixby are featured on the left side and the right side features the wake and sleep button.

Is the camera good in Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9?

All Samsung Phone Refurbished go through a 70-point diagnostic check so you can rest assured that the quality of the camera is of excellent standard. If any fault is detected with the camera, it is immediately replaced and retested thus ensuring that you get the Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9 camera in perfect working condition. The S9 sports a brilliant 12-megapixel rear camera which includes a digital zoom of up to 8 times along with autofocus and the ability to record video in UHD 4K. Together with this, there is a great 8-megapixel front camera with autofocus. Therefore, to say in a word, you are sure to enjoy excellent results from the Galaxy S9 camera.

Does the Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9 come with a new battery?

It is the Samsung Refurbishment Process that can assure a long-lasting battery with your refurbished and restored Samsung Galaxy S9. Depending on the quality and battery life, Refurbished Androids will have a new battery before the refurbishment takes place. If after the analysis, it is found that the battery performance comes below a certain percentage, then the battery will be immediately replaced and you get a brand new battery when you purchase a Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9. However, if it is found in the test that the battery is in good working standard, then the battery won’t be replaced.

What about the display in a Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9?

You get the screen display in good working condition with the standard dual-edge Super AMOLED display featuring the Quad HD+ main display resolution together with a color resolution of 16M exactly as found in brand new phones. If before the refurbishment, any fault is found with the Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9 screen, it will be replaced with a brand new genuine Samsung Galaxy S9 screen.

Performance of Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9:

Talking about the purchase of the Galaxy S9, the phone has a 64GB memory size along with the capability to hold an additional 512 GB externally in the MicroSD slot. This Refurbished Android also sports a 3,000 mAh battery capacity that can last for hours.

The phone is capable of the following:-

  • 22 hours of talk time
  • 14 hours of Internet usage
  • 48 hours of audio playback
  • 16 hours of video playback

Key Takeaway:

Thus, to sum up, featuring a faster processor to help speed up those exasperating delays which were quite common in the previous models, together with a brilliant quality camera to really allow those videos and photographs to display their true colors. Shop for Samsung Phone Refurbished, here at 247mobileshop. Explore more in this blog section to find more information about refurbished Samsungs and iPhones and more.