How the Samsung S20 and S20 Plus is still of great value?

In 2020’s Samsung high-end trio, the Ultra was the phone that didn’t fall short of any high-end smartphone feature. The camera on that phone was something every devoted smartphone photographer should have used at least once. The other two S20s are both downgraded version of the Ultra, the S20 being the lower end and the S20 plus contending between these two. Everything of these two phones are identical except the screen size and teeny-tiny TOF 3D camera.
In the following section, the pros of both refurbished Samsung S20 and Samsung S20 plus SIM free are discussed individually.

How a refurbished Samsung S20 is still valuable?

It’s kind of a pity that the Samsung S20 gets the least attention because of the cheaper model, S20 FE. The S20 FE has the all features toned down to that of the premium lineup. Anyway, there are plenty of reasons to pick the basic S20 over other flagships in the lineup. The handset is compact and has all of the essential flagship features of the lineup. The reasons to buy a refurbished Samsung S20 is listed below:

1. Compact size

Bigger phones makes it difficult to hold and has a chance of slipping off the hand on the run. The Samsung Galaxy S20 packs a 6.2 inch display which makes it a bit smaller than the average smartphones released between 2020 and the first quarter of 2022. A smaller display makes it easier to launch apps from the top corner and one can easily type texts with one hand.

When compared to the iPhone 11 pro, the S20 is narrower and an ounce lighter. But the form factor is premium enough as it’s equipped with Gorilla Glass 6 on both sides and an aluminium frame.

2. It’s second the cheapest Galaxy S20

The S20 is the cheaper one among the S20 lineup of the S20 Plus and S20 Ultra. The S20 FE was released later in the same year and it’s cheaper too, but the FE doesn’t belong in the category of a flagship. Several toned down features like Gorilla Glass 3 instead of 6, an ordinary 1080x2400 display, and only 8 telephoto lens instead of 64MP makes it a semi-flagship model.

3. Display

With the 1440 x 3200 display resolution and 563 PPI pixel density, a refurbished Samsung S20 has the sharpest display among all Samsung devices launched in 2020. A Dynamic AMOLED 2X display of 1200 nits peak brightness will be able to show you texts clearly even under bright sunlight.

If you’ve ever used a 120Hx display inside a Samsung’s showroom or from a friend, you’d know how nice and smooth it feels. Scrolling through social media feeds is now an extra rewarding experience. But again when you move down to 60Hz, you’d immediately get disappointed. Also, with the 240Hz touch sampling, you’re granted a smoother gameplay and realistic animations.

And the reasons to buy the Samsung S20 Plus SIM free

The S20 Plus is quite similar to the S20 base version. A larger battery, larger display, and an extra lens are some of the differentiable features of the S20 from S20 Plus. Why these features make the smartphone worthy are discussed in the points below.

1. Marvelous camera
You cannot ask more – the Samsung S20 Plus SIM free comes with a full set of 4 different types of lenses. Being the higher version of S20, Samsung has added the DepthVision camera in the smartphone which lets users capture 3D photos. You’re going to have fun with the Live Focus feature on the S20 Plus.

The main 12MP camera has PDAF and OIS and takes generous shots even if you compare it to the flagship devices of 2022. Zoom 3x without losing pixels with the help of the 64MP telephoto camera, although it can get you a maximum zoom of 30x (digital zoom). The 12MP ultra-wide lens is a great one that lets you take wide angle photos in great detail.

2. Video
Can you recall 8K video recording on a smartphone? No? The S20 Plus supports video recording in 8K@24FPS. On the other hand, you can record super slo-mo videos at 720p at 960FPS while at 1080p, you can only record up to 240FPS. You’ll get a premium sound quality in the recorded videos, thanks to the stereo sound recording feature. For shaky hands and unstable environments, the main camera incorporates both EIS and OIS to record videos without jerks and jitters.

3. Size and display

With a 6.7inch screen, the handset only weighs 186gm, which is by the way still in the light category. The large handset has a great premium feel to it and with Gorilla Glass 6 on both sides, it’s considerably durable. An aluminum frame makes the handset structurally durable enough to resist minor slips and falls.