6 Reasons to Choose Samsung Galaxy S20 Refurbished Handset

Perhaps you might often tend to get confused between ‘refurbished’ smartphones and ‘used or second-hand’ smartphones. Well, let’s find out the difference between the two so that you can confidently purchase while looking out for cheaper handset options.

Refurbished smartphones refer to those handsets that are used by users for a short span and then exchanged by them for another handset of their choice. It is then sold by a manufacturer, retailer, or network provider after having all the hardware and software faults repaired, factory settings restored, and a quality standard achieved.

On the contrary, used or second-hand smartphones are those mobile devices that are used by their owners for a certain period, and then sold in ‘as is’ condition without making any repairs or restoring the faults.

So now that you have an idea about refurbished phones, let’s discuss some of the powerful reasons to choose the Samsung Galaxy S20 refurbished device.


  1. Cost-Effective

Are you looking for some pocket-friendly options to buy a hi-end smartphone such as Samsung Galaxy S20? Look no further! A refurbished smartphone is the ideal option! Unlike a brand new Samsung handset that comes with a high price, the refurbished version comes with the same features and appearance but, at a highly discounted price. So, isn’t that a smart deal?

With a refurbished S20 device, you get a chance to put a premium tech in your pocket without spending a fortune. It is a cost-effective option as you will be able to use this latest gadget in a like-new condition at almost half the market price or a huge discount.

  1. Certified Quality

Refurbished smartphones are always repaired and extensively tested to ensure a standard quality device. Especially, reputed brands like 247MobileShop, dealing in refurbished smartphones make sure that all their devices go through multiple quality checks.

All these phones are put on sale only when they pass all the checks under the strict supervision of certified and qualified technicians at their high-end labs. Thus rest assured that buying a Samsung Galaxy S20 refurbished device is a smart investment.

  1. Warranty

You may come across many companies and brands that do not offer a warranty for refurbished smartphones. But do not get disappointed. Always make sure to purchase a refurbished device from a reliable and reputed company to get a warranty on the device.

Brands such as 247MobileShop offer a 12-month warranty with the certified quality refurbished version of the Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone and all other refurbished handsets. In case of any hardware fault developed within the warranty period, you can get back to the brand for a repair or a replacement. Note, this does not include screen damages.

  1. Thoroughly Tested

Perhaps you might consider the common notion that refurbished phones do not function properly. But the reality is that these devices are thoroughly tested and certified by technicians. They function exactly like a new phone and are often positioned according to quality-determined grades so that you can set your quality expectations.

If you are planning to buy a refurbished S20 device, then make sure to purchase it from a reliable brand. You may come across this refurbished device in various sub-categories such as no cosmetic imperfection, no functional faults, to handsets with visible dents.

  1. Alternative to Premium Handset

The budget is no more a factor that can stop you from purchasing a premium handset such as Samsung Galaxy S20. A refurbished device is an excellent option if you have a limited budget. You get to experience a nearly-perfect mobile device with all the advanced features available at a much discounted price.

  1. Environment-Friendly

Do you want to know how purchasing a refurbished S20 handset is an environment-friendly option? Well, a smartphone is refurbished for two major reasons - to put on sale once again and prevent it from getting into the landfills, thus making this planet a better place to live in.

Reusing a phone saves carbon dioxide emissions into the environment. It gives a chance to the device to survive. While simply disposing of the smartphone due to minor defects causes adverse effects on the environment, refurbished smartphones prevent the environment from generating more greenhouse gases. Along with being a cheaper option, it also helps to protect Mother Earth.


Final Note

Perhaps you might have to wait for the availability of the refurbished version. But this can be an additional benefit for you. It will give you the time to know the specifications of the phone thoroughly, check out the reviews and ratings, and also compare its features with other relevant smartphones. This will help you to make an ideal decision.

However, if you are particularly looking for Samsung Galaxy S20 refurbished smartphone, then 247MobileShop is a brand that you can trust without a second thought. It is a reputed and reliable brand, preferred by tech experts where you will find a premium range of refurbished devices at irresistible prices. Connect now!

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