The ultimate guide to buying refurbished phones

The market for refurbished gadgets has witnessed a significant rise over the past years. Along with the affordable pricing feature, refurbished goods have a positive impact on the environment too. The range of premium smartphones like iPhones has high demand and short market life. People with a keen interest in gadgets and technology prefer to switch over to upgraded devices frequently. This eventually increases the generation of harmful gases and waste in the environment.

Refurbished phones are a smart choice for technophiles who are obsessed with advanced technology and gadgets. They can save a lot of money and enjoy exciting iPhone 11 pro sim free deals. iPhones are quite expensive and in high demand. The majority of the people can’t afford or choose not to buy these phones at showroom prices. Well, they can surely buy iPhone 11 refurbished that comes with the same specifications and quality user experience. These phones are priced lower as compared to the fresh devices sold at authorized Apple stores.

iPhone 11 pro sim free deal is worthy because it offers all the features and specifications at less than half of the original prices. However, there are 4 important things you must consider buying refurbished iPhone 11 pro.

  • Refurbed or open-box deal

Before buying refurbished phones, make sure whether it’s a refurbed smartphone or an open-box piece. Although both are pre-owned and sold at lower prices, there is a difference between the two. Open-box is a smartphone that was bought, opened and returned to the seller due to packaging or other issues. On the other hand, refurbished pieces are used phones that may have minor damages that are repaired and tested before reselling them.

  • Box contents

It is important to know the box contents before buying a refurbished phone. Ideally, the box must have all the necessary accessories such as the charger, instruction manual, a USB wall plug, etc. All genuine refurbished sellers offer a complete set of accessories along with the mobile phone. You do not require to purchase the device add-ons separately.

  • Warranty period

Make sure to check the warranty offered by the refurb seller before purchasing any device. If the refurbishing is performed by experts, the seller is likely to offer a minimum warranty period within which you can demand a refund or replacement of the product. Since these are second hand range of products, it is difficult to wholly trust the sold device. To reduce this risk, you must look for phones that come with a specified warranty period.

  • Customer Support

Since these are repaired devices, there can be instances where the device might be dysfunctional or interrupt the user experience. This can be observed in smartphones bought from the original seller as well. Therefore, customer support is a necessity. Make sure that the refurb seller offers complete customer support in case of technical and other issues.

Why buy from 247 MobileShop

There are many refurb sellers in the market but not all of them are authentic. Although refurbished iPhones are sold at low prices, they must be in a standard working condition. You should not pay anything for a half-working, broken or duplicate device. 247 MobileShop has the best iPhone 11 pro sim free deal in-store. We ensure high quality standards with a basic 12-month warranty. Following are some other factors that distinguish us from the other refurb sellers in the market.

  • Quality screening

Our team of professional experts conduct a thorough screening of the device to dig out internal as well as external damages. They are highly trained to detect and fix software and other technical issues effectively. We make sure that all smartphones undergo rigorous testing and performance analysis to meet the quality standards of our brand. All the devices made available for sale are in perfect working condition that will offer a premium user experience.

  • Easy delivery and return

Once you place an order, you are most likely to receive the product within the next few days. We ensure premium delivery services that deliver the order safely on your doorsteps. We strive to offer 100% customer satisfaction in the first delivery. However, if you are dissatisfied or intend to exchange the product, we have an easy return policy too. You can get a full refund for the product within 14 days from the day of purchasing (T&C applied).

  • Promote environmental well-being

We believe in sustainable technology. The production of new smartphones releases heavy carbon emissions that are hazardous to nature and human existence. By refurbishing, we tend to cater to the needs of the technology-driven world and minimize waste generation at the same time. Therefore, for every one smartphone that you purchase from us, we plant 10 trees. This is our initiative to control and manage the pollution imbalance in the environment.   

You too can promote environmental well-being by switching over to refurbished phones. Using a refurb device will lessen the production demand and reduce landfill dumping of smartphones that releases harmful chemicals in nature. To enjoy the best iPhone 11 pro sim free deals, visit 247 MobileShop now! 

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