How relevant is a Samsung S20 Plus SIM free device in 2022?

Despite being replaced by the Galaxy S21 and its more powerful siblings, the Galaxy S20 Plus is still a great choice in 2022, more so if you can lay hands on a Samsung S20 Plus SIM free variant. However, now that the device is no longer in production, you’ll have to ask yourself whether or not you’re OK buying a refurbished or renewed device.

When looking at Samsung’s lineup of powerful and feature-rich devices, it’s hard to ignore the company’s 2020 flagships. So before we delve deep into whether or not you should get yourself a renewed device, let’s first take a brief look at the specs of the Galaxy S20 Plus device.

Revisiting the specs of the Galaxy S20 Plus

  • The Samsung S20 Plus came out on March 6, 2020, and features an aluminum frame, coupled with glass front and back panels.
  • It has a 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED display of 1440 x 3200 pixels screen resolution.
  • It comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 6 protection and is IP68 certified, making it water and dust resistant.
  • The handset is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G processor, mated to an Adreno 650 GPU.
  • The S20 Plus comes with 128GB UFS 3.0 memory and 8GB RAM.
  • It has a quad-camera setup at the back – two 12 MP lenses (wide and ultrawide), a 64 MP main camera with OIS, and a 0.3 MP depth sensor.
  • At the front, the device has a single 10 MP lens, capable of recording videos at 4K.
  • It features an under-display fingerprint sensor and even comes with Samsung Pay and Samsung DeX support.
  • When you buy a Samsung S20 Plus SIM free smartphone, it would come with a 4500mAh battery with 25W fast-charging, and wireless charging support of up to 15W.

Should you opt for it in 2022?

One of the biggest reasons why we can still recommend anyone to buy a flagship Samsung device from 2 years back is because of the Samsung brand. So, while it’s true that you wouldn’t be getting a brand new S20 Plus in 2022, if you reach out to a reliable and professional reseller, you would still get to lay hands on an almost new Samsung S20 Plus SIM free device.

In recent years, refurbished or renewed devices have become quite popular. This is chiefly because flagship devices in recent years have become much too costly and are now beyond the reach of many. Thus, if you are a Samsung fanboy or perhaps you are in love with whatever Samsung does with its premium devices, getting a second hand/ renewed device is the only way forward. But there’s more to it! Refurbished devices are always priced lower than what typical flagships cost. In fact, an S20 Plus from 2020 can easily be available at half its original price tag. Thus, it’s a great way of owning a flagship (albeit old) without breaking the bank.

How to find a reliable refurbished phone seller?

This is clearly the hardest part! While there are many online platforms and sellers that claim to sell quality refurbished Samsung devices, not many do. And this is how most individuals get cheated. This is why we urge people to buy refurbished devices only from genuine sources.

When you’ve found a couple of different resellers or stores that sell refurbished devices, go through their online reviews to find out whether or not people have been happy with the devices and their customer support. This would give you some idea about the store and the devices they sell. Find out if they offer a warranty on the refurbished or renewed devices. This is an absolute must! Chiefly because it prolongs the life of the device. Also, find out if the second hand refurbished devices put up for sale or available on the platform have gone through a quality check. Most notable refurbished phone sellers conduct a thorough quality check of the device, to make sure that it is functioning properly.

Key takeaway

All that said, the Samsung S20 Plus SIM free handset is a great device – one that you can buy even in 2022, albeit only from a reliable place. If the device is in great condition, the handset would easily last two years or more. Moreover, Samsung now promises OTA updates for up to 3 years, so you would still get Android updates for a year or more. All this makes it a great buy even today.

Buying a refurbished phone not only helps you get access to premium handsets at a fraction of their original costs, but is also a great way of saving the environment. At 247MobileShop, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help prolong the life of premium old devices and help people get feature-rich premium refurbished devices at industry-best rates. So what are you waiting for? Come, connect with us now!

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