What are the thing I should know if I want to buy refurbished iPhone 11?

The iPhone 11 was an overall worthy contender in the line of iPhones. With the Apple A13 Bionic, apple has made significant efforts to come up with an efficient processor which makes the device a powerful one. The wide and ultra-wide lens allows users to take very high quality pictures that can closely resemble to that of a DLSR. But there’s that typical catch – you need to shell a lump sum in order to buy the phone. So what do you do when you cannot afford much? Buy refurbished iPhone 11 instead. We know what kind of questions are popping up in your mind right now. Continue reading this blog to get them answered.


What is a refurbished phone?


When a new iPhone is bought, there’s a small chance to find discrepancies in the unit that arrives. There are defects that might be visible right from the moment the device is unboxed while some may start to get prominent after using the device for a couple of weeks or months. If the customer thinks that the flaw is a bit bothersome, they file for a return. They are entitled to get a free replacement as these devices are still in the warranty period.


These returned devices are sent to repair shops or the parent company (Apple) to get diagnosed. After diagnosing it, all kinds of repairs and restoration are applied and again the device is sent for thorough testing. The battery life degrades significantly if it’s a few months old, this is why it gets replaced. Along with it, the housing is changed most times to make the handset appear brand new. These repaired devices are sold in the market as “Refurbished phone”. So if want to buy refurbished iPhone 11, you have two choices: Certified refurbished phones and un-certified ones. The certified handset are repaired by the original company but the plain refurbished phones were done by third party companies.


A typical refurbished iPhone 11 will be sold with a warranty of either 6 or 12 months. Usually, a refurbished phone will be sold in plain white box instead of the original box.


Not that not all refurbished phones are the result of defects and customer rejections. Some handsets were previously serving as a display models at stores. Some handsets practically have no defects as they get returned only because the wrong memory size or color was delivered. These units do not require much repairing too. So you are getting an almost new device that is free of flaws in a discounted price. When thought clearly, it’s a win-win situation.


What are the pros of if you buy refurbished iPhone 11?


  1. Price

 A new iPhone will take away your whole month’s savings. If you get upset looking at the three-figure price in euros, a refurbished iPhone 11 will suit you the best. It might be feasible to buy a brand new one with a lengthy EMI plan but there’s you are paying additional interest charges.


  1. Quality

 After putting through rigorous testing procedures, required changes are made according to the established standards. So, while buying a certified refurbished iPhone 11 you’re guaranteed a quality product. When the repairs take place, Apple positively replaces the outer shells. So when you open the box of a certified refurbished iPhone 11, you are the first one to touch it. Only the internal parts remain the same but if you can forget about it, it does not matter from the next moment.


  1. Positive impact on the environment

 If we can learn to create lesser waste, it would have an immense positive impact on the environment in the future. And you’ll be helping to do that from buying a technically rejected handset (due to no supportive reasons).


Is a used iPhone 11 an inferior choice?

Yes it is. Most of the times, smartphones are sold after being used for long enough. At this point, the health of the device has degraded significantly. The battery won’t provide good backup and the processing power diminishes too. On top of that, the device has not been sent for tests and repairs. And it doesn’t come with a warranty too. It’s true that it’s a person to person transaction and you can bargain up to any extent. But is the money you’re spending worth the risk?

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