Is it worthwhile to buy the Samsung S20 Plus sim free?

What does the term “sim free” imply?                            

The term sim free is used for the smartphones not having a pre-installed SIM card in it. You may ask, “Phones are usually sold without the SIM card, don’t they?” The term “SIM free” came into existence because of a reason. Smartphones have been sold with integrated SIM card of network operators like Virgin Mobile, O2, and Vodafone sold, as a mainstream practice. These smartphone are locked to their respective carriers for a pre-agreed period. Contrastingly, the phones termed as SIM free are sold devoid of any SIM card which allows you to insert a SIM card of your choice. Or if you’ already own a SIM, you’re free to use that in the device.

So what does ‘unlocked’ means?

Both the terms ‘unlocked’ and ‘SIM free’ refers to a different set of devices. Even though the functionality of both these devices are the same, they are technically different. Unlocked phones were originally sold as SIM locked phones and restricted to a particular network. On the other hand, SIM free phones weren’t provided with a network operating service in the first place.

If you’re unable to finally decide to buy the Samsung S20 Plus sim free, continue reading.

What are the advantages of buying the Samsung Galaxy S20+ SIM free?

The Samsung Galaxy S20+ lies in the sweet spot. If you want to go a range below, there’s the S20, or if you’re looking for something in a higher range, go for the S20 Ultra. Some might feel the basic S20 has too scarce features whereas the Ultra come packed with features but the price tag is unreachable. The ways in which you’re going to be benefited buying the Samsung S20+ SIM free are explained in the points below:

  1. Size and display

The device has an optimum weight of 186gm which is still considered light as per the standard weight of smartphones in 2022. At 6.7 inches, it is a bit larger than the average smartphone. The smartphone looks and feels premium with Gorilla Glass 6 on both the back and front. An aluminium frame makes the handset structurally durable and will prove its worth in an event of accidental slips.

Samsung’s signature Dynamic AMOLED 2X displays are stunning – you’ll know if you’ve used one before. With a massive 1200 nits peak brightness on this AMOLED, you’ll never need to shift under a shade to view your Uber’s PIN. The device also has an extraordinary display resolution of 1440 x 3200. If you’re switching from an ordinary 1080p display, you’ll never want to go back to it after you’ve used a 2K display phone. Even though the 120Hz refresh rate can only be used when the resolution is toned down to 1080p, you’ll have a fair share of fun with 120Hz/1080p.

  1. Quad camera setup

Yes, we’re two years ahead from the release date of the Samsung S20 plus SIM free. How many different camera are you going to actually use anyway? The traditional 12 MP primary camera captures enough details, so your short trips are covered well. Now your Facebook and Instagram timeline is going to get a makeover. With a massive 64MP telephoto lens and a 3x hybrid zoom, you’ll able to capture details from a distance you’ve never thought you could. Also, the 12MP-120° ultra-wide lens will now let you capture wide images with satisfactory detail. Like all premium smartphones were getting a TOF 3D camera, the S20+ also has one to assist 3D pictures.

  1. Video

What’s the latest feature when it comes to video recording? It’s 8K, right? The device supports video recording at 8K@24fps. Record super slow motion videos at 720p at 960fps while the 1080p resolution is locked at 240fps. You can expect a premium quality sound, thanks to the stereo sound recording feature. All your videos will be recorded without jerks and jitter as the camera incorporates both EIS and OIS.

  1. Pay-as-you-go
If a 12 month contract makes you get bothered because you’re a light user, a prepaid or a Pay-As-You-Go SIM is most compatible for you. You’ve be able to closely monitor what you spend and there are no contractual obligations.
Samsung s20 plus sim free